Hair replacement and restoration

In the last few years, there has been progressing in hair replacement and restoration. Surgical changes have significantly improved when hair replacement is first introduced. All hair replacement techniques include the use of your own hair; Therefore, hair replacement candidates should usually have some healthy hair behind the head and on the edges. The procedure is relatively safe when executed by a qualified surgeon, although there are risks with any surgery. Candidates should be checked for uncontrolled hypertension, blood-fatigue problem, or skin which is highly scared, as these conditions can make treatment difficult. Small pieces of hair scalp grafts are removed from the areas of the scalp with healthy hair and the hair is thin when placed. There are three major types of grafts: punch grafts, mini-grafts, and micro-grafts. Punch grafting contains about 10-15 hairs and is kept in the skull. This was the first type of technology to be developed, and when it first developed, many candidates seemed frightened. Techniques have improved since the days of development, and new mini-graft technology has also been added as an option. Mini-graft only contains 2-4 hair per corruption, and therefore looks more natural. Micro-grafts are still small grafts, each containing one to two hairs. To maintain the healthy circulation of the scalp, the graft is placed at the 1/8th position of an inch. Local anesthesia is usually enough for these processes and usually requires many processes to achieve the desired results. After surgery, a period of approximately 10 days of sexual or strict activity is recommended, because strict activity can bleed from the areas of corruption.

Of course, surgery is a serious option and is often also an expensive one. For those who do not want to undergo surgery for any reason, the option of non-surgical hair joints is often searched. Many professionals have developed techniques to add hair to existing hair on your scalp which look very natural. Weaving, fusion, bonding, cabling and micro linking are some techniques used for hair for existing hair or are non-surgical skulls.

Many jokes in the past were made about wig and topi, and they received an adverse light among many people because they were so clear on the weatherman. Today’s toopy and wig are often made of real hair and are very well-styled, so they look natural on the wearer. This hair is organized on the place by staying in place through the adhesive of the scalp and vigorous practice. Of course, you have to find professionally made toopy to make your time worth, and you should buy at least two so that you can keep them properly while serving the second one worn. In today’s market, a professional style and fit to are expected to reach the price of $ 600 to $ 1000. Of course, no one wants to go through the embarrassment of wearing a “rug” on your head, so if you are not willing to spend money to buy a professional tipi, then wearing any hair is not the best.

The pieces of structured hair that they call are semi-surgical approaches that permanently link hair to the scalp by stitching hair in the scalp. This process is not recommended, because it is a process that involves introducing a foreign material for the scalp. Most ethical surgeons do not do this process so far because they are generally considered to be morally inappropriate. If you are recommended for this procedure, get a second opinion from a trusted doctor.

There is a very safe procedure for the weaving of hair, yet it can be used when the hair is thin and the areas with big boulders are not present. The process is also called hair intensity or hair integration. Synthetic or real hair strands are hoisted or woven into their existing hair giving the presence of the whole head of hair. It lacks in this process because it can be difficult to interfere with the proper hair and scalp maintenance for the health of your remaining natural hair, and this method can also stress the existing hair because weaving through artificial hair Presented with it are attached. This method is generally expensive, cost per thousand dollars per application, and that due to the above defects, it can be left only for a few weeks, it is generally impractical for the average person.

It is highly recommended that get licensed handsets or streams with these procedures for professional assistance, and to test skin sensations, patch tests for skin using adhesive. To maintain the health of the existing hair and to maintain the scalp in general, additional care should be taken to keep hair clean and to clean the hair and scalp. Of course, if you are going through chemotherapy or

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