How to repair damaged hair, a short guide

Most damaged hair explains a story of minor abusive practices that pile up a minor injury on mounting damage. There can be no big experience with styling tools like brush, shock-dryer or curling iron or even harsh chemical treatment such as color treatment, bleaching, and permit. Stress and unequal eating methodologies additionally add to hair issues. Now and again, disgraceful care is the sole guilty party. Over time, some kind of treatment dry hair, naturally smooth cuticle layer becomes somewhat, the hair starts to look brittle and then the division begins to finish.

How to treat your damaged hair with care:

Treat your hair with love as a sick child by removing your potential hair. Make sure to use shampoo for damaged hair repair and massage it easily through your wet hair. Rubbing strongly during shampooing will make it difficult to comb your hair later on. Rinse all the shampoo well. Damaged hair definitely requires a conditioning rinse or treatment after each shampoo. The conditioners are especially important for most damaged ends. Allow the conditioner to do his job for a while before washing it out completely.

Protein and nutrient repair damaged hair:

In some of the products of shampoo and damaged hair treatment, some organs protect the troubled hair and sometimes special evening glamor. Moisturizers like aloe vera, panthenol, glycerol or silk protein are a life saver for stressed good hair. Plant oil and proteins work hard to manage stressed hair. An active ingredient such as McDamia Walnut Oil, Argan Oil, Sheila Butter or Wild Ba Rier Oil Coat, every individual hair with a very good protective layer. He repairs the cuticle layer and as a result, the hair looks healthy and is more luminous.

Style your damaged hair very softly:

The hair gets dry during shampooing. Freshly washed hair is therefore particularly sensitive. After shampooing, you should not rub firmly to dry your hair, but it should be covered with a towel turban. Then mix moisture hair with a wide teeth comb holding the original part of the hair. Air drying is definitely the best hair treatment for damaged hair, but if there is no time for such luxury then you should set your blow-dryer in full air stream, never be more than medium heat needed. This keeps the exposure to the effect of reducing the blow-dryer and minimizing drying. At least for a little while, you should avoid heat-styling equipment such as flat iron, curling iron or hot rollers. Please also remember that chemical treatments such as color, bleaching or permanent will already cause additional damage to the damaged hair. Just for a while, you may like to be dependent on the colorful rinse for the desired color effects in your hair.

Damaged hair end(s):

Split and liquid substances help if the split ends and is the most obvious part of your hair loss. Silicone oil is divided at least temporarily in these liquids so that the fridge is visible. Just do some drops (lots!) Of the end fluid dividing through your towel dry hair and then let it dry in a normal manner. Split rolling ends on a round brush, while drying helps it to repair damaged hair and reduce the fridge. If all fails and the split ends, then split into hair, ask your stylist to trim the centimeter of your hair. Your reward will be immediate! Without the end of the division, your hair is going to look very fat and healthy.

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