Tips to prevent hair loss for women

Long, shiny and silky hair are many, especially feminine trademarks of females. A female hair is her best natural accessories and she shows clearly and even competes with her same-sex friends. But if you are among that 60 % of women who are suffering from hair problems, then you know the shock of being short hair on your head. The big problem is that hair loss in women is considered a taboo in society and it adds salt to the borders of women suffering from hair loss or hair-thin problems. Women do not feel comfortable discussing their own problems openly, however, men can openly open discussions and try several treatment options in this way, which include the treatment of hair loss by using drugs.

You are not the only woman who is suffering from hair loss and are having difficulty finding and finding solutions to problems of hair. According to clinical analysis, one out of every four women is suffering from hair problems. Women worry, why is the reason for hair loss?

Women can be in any way due to hair loss; Hard hair treatment, hormonal changes during pregnancy, or menopause. Stress and unhealthy eating habits also cause hair problems. Occasionally, thin hair in females can be genetic. Thin hair in the form of genetic factors is usually between 18 to 24 years.

The most common form of hair loss due to genetic or other medical factors is alpaca androgens. This is the type of hair problem in which the hair becomes very thin so that someone can see through it. Alopez aratea is another form of hair problem that usually starts in the form of small bald patches, but it can be the result of total hair loss if it is not treated. If you can believe it, then about a quarter of the world’s population is suffering from some types of hair problems. And any kind of hair problems in females affect self-confidence and sometimes, anxiety and depression can also arise.

The first step in resolving the problems of hair of any type is to separate the nature of hair fall. Many treatment options are available to treat hair problems based on the kindness and severity of problems. Your doctor may recommend some oil/ cream/lotion to apply to your scale. If hair loss is due to hormonal or hereditary or other serious health problems, then your doctor may prescribe various types of medicines.

In addition to getting help from a health professional, you can also take care of your hair to avoid hair loss. How??

Here are some tips to stop you from the days of bad hair.

  1. Analyze your diet. Nutrition plays an important role in keeping healthy tension. Lack of essential vitamins and minerals and proteins etc. can change hair problems. Ask your doctor/nutritionist for help.
  2. Loose and comfortable hair out for style. Leave the hairstyle that stresses your hair follicles. for example; Tight cheese, chignons, and plaits
  3. Avoid layered reductions because there is more misunderstanding of power.
  4. Do not use hot hairstyle tools, such as large-scale; The tongs and straight iron, because these can cause stress and breakdown of hair.
  5. Use wig and hair extension to draw attention away from your hair or use cap, scarves and funky gems.
  6. Ask your hairdresser to monitor your haircloth, but do not get confused about it.
  7. Stress for hair loss is a major trigger. Try to stay positive.


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  1. Thanks for your informative and helpful post. Long, shiny and silky hair is my dream and I have a really good amount of hair. But nowadays I have noticed when I ever I take a shower there is a chunk of hair on the sink. And my hair is getting thinner day by day. Up there you have given some amazing tips and I will follow those from now on. Thanks again for the sharing.

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