Top 5 home remedies to get rid of gray hair

One day in the mirror what can you see one of the worst things? A bald patch, or a mole, maybe? No, I’m talking a little worse – brown hair, the last enemy of every woman.

How is this possible, you panic instantly? I am still young I am not even in my fifty years and now this? life’s not fair.

Interestingly, it is not a rare opportunity for people to turn brown in their twenties or even the third decade. It is said to be prematurely called graying, and nowadays it is a common disease.

Can we do anything to stop this process? We can always color our hair, but in colors, there are chemicals that can disturb our scalp. On the other hand, there are many home remedies for gray hair that you can consider.

First of all, let’s see why your hair has lost its bright color.

What causes gray hair?

Have you ever thought about the color of your hair? Well, I’m here to solve this mystery.

The body naturally produces cells called melanocytes. They are special pigment cells which are responsible for emitting melanin. Why is melanin important? This is the pigment that gives color to our skin, eyes, and hair.

When it comes to our hair, then two types of melanin – Eumelanin and Feminine – play the main role. How do these two pigments determine whether we have light or black hair? Melanocytes located in the hair follicle bulb, inject these colored pigments into cells called keratinocytes. And thus your hair gets its color.

Unfortunately, as soon as we age, melanocytes slow down the production of melanin in our hair. This is the reason that our hair loses its color. And when there is no melanin – our hair becomes white in the form of ice.

But why can not these cells produce melanin indefinitely? The reasons are still largely unknown. However, scientists have determined that the following factors are associated with gray hair:

Heredity Studies show that there is a special gene associated with gray hair.

Ages. The older you get, the more likely you are gray hair.

hydrogen peroxide. This is a common solution for bleaching. But it is also produced by some enzymes in the body. In some cases, it can build-up in the hair and cause grease.

Smoking Researchers estimate that smoking causes oxidative stress and increases free radicals which harm cells.

Lack of vitamins and minerals, especially Vitamin B12, C, and E.

A disease. In rare cases, brown hair may be a sign of underlying conditions such as thyroid or pituitary gland issues.

Tension. There is no scientific data that tension can actually change your hair gray color. But stress tends to damage your body, and it accelerates the aging process.

How to hide gray hair?

I tell you – gray hair is neither ugly nor shameful. But it makes sense that you do not want others to think you old. So what can we do about this situation?

Our gray hair – There are many options available to cover semi-permanent or permanent hair colors, hairstyles products or home remedies.

Here I have gathered a rundown of the most prominent and proficient home solutions for gray hair. Try them and judge for yourself.

1. Hena is a natural dye

If you think about it, then gray hair is a problem which has troubled women for centuries. But when their hair colors were not available, what did they use to paint their hair? Well, they used to trust Heena.

Henna is a wonderful flower plant with natural red-orange color properties. This is the best hair dye for gray because of it:

  • Strengthens your hair
  • Makes your wire shine
  • Removes dandruff
  • Can be used regularly without any side effects
  • Do not wash easily

2. Amla is rich in vitamins

Alma (You can also know it as Indian Hansberi) is a food fruit used for centuries for the treatment of various diseases. It is time to stop brown hair from its extraordinary health benefits.

Why did you ask this? This is a powerful antioxidant effect. Thus, it takes care of all these free radicals that harm your cells and speed up the aging process. Alma is also in vitamin c, the hole opens on your scalp and promotes hair growth.

3. Curry leaves re-hair

You think curry leaves can be used only in the kitchen. But you are wrong. They have been used as natural remedies for hair problems for ages.

Curry leaves can darken your hair naturally, and they also restore pigment melanin. You remember that melanin is important for your hair, right? In addition, curry leaves are rich in vitamins B and A, and minerals such as zinc, selenium, and iodine.

Can curry and leaves do anything else for your hair? Well, they encourage healthy, brilliant hair growth, repairing damage roots, reducing hair loss, rejuvenating hair follicles and strengthening hair.

For best results, it is recommended that you use curry leaves in combination with other compounds.

4. Lemon juice nourishes the hair

You must have heard that lemon juice will make your hair white. This is just the story of old wives. The truth is that lemon juice absolutely needs your hair. There are vitamins B and C and phosphorus that nourish the hair. In addition, it will protect against hair follicles damage.

To do this work, you mix coconut oil with lemon juice and mix it. Coconut oil acts as a moisturizer, it stimulates growth and makes your hair faster.

5. The sage and the rosary will darken your hair

Sages have been known for centuries and are used as a remedy for many diseases, including brown hair and baldness. It has the natural ability to deepen your hair and cover any gray strand. It also goes for rosemary, which also stimulates hair growth and slows down hair loss. Use both sage and rosemary for best results.

How to prevent gray hair?

Unfortunately, there is no escape from gray hair and old age. We can only delay indispensable Just follow these simple steps to reduce the chances of getting gray before prematurely:

  • Stop smoking
  • Eat vegetables and food items, especially in B12.
  • Take good care of your hair.
  • Massage your scalp to increase blood flow.
  • Use the appropriate shampoo and conditioner for your hair type.
  • Do not worry too much about the color of your hair.
  • Avoid using too much hydrogen peroxide.
  • If you have thyroid disease, then check the level of your hormone.
  • Avoid hair products with harsh chemicals.
  • And in the meantime, enjoy life and do not worry if your hair is brown or not.

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