Lets understand what is normal hair loss

It is important to note that the flow of hair is a natural process in which 100 to 300 hair sheds randomly every day. In this article, we will take a gander at two distinct parts of typical hair fall. Above all else, we will look at what really includes the hair development cycle. Second, we will assess the natural progression of hair loss over time.

Hair is made of long, curved carotene fibers, which are preserved by a coating of keratinized cells. Below the surface of the skin is a group of just active cells called the cutaneous papilla and it is here that the hair grows in its follicle.

This growing fiber eventually becomes stiff and comes out of the scalp. At this stage, hair fibers are dead with a root tip containing living cells.

In a little more detail, there are three different steps in the hair growth cycle:

  1. Anagen phase – A phase of development that can last between two to seven years. On average, each hair grows about six inches (15 cm) per year.
  2. Catagen stage – A phase of infection that lasts approximately two to four weeks. At this time the hair shaft separates from the cutaneous papilla and moves within a soluble follicle.
  3. Telogen phase – A rest period which lasts for approximately three months, so that the hair separates from the follicle before leaving. After this, the cycle repeats until other factors do not interfere in preventing recurrence of the cycle.

Both men and women have to play the role of time clearly in the development of hair fall. Humans are born with different amounts of soft and fine body hair. During the time, some of this hair become stronger and develop more characteristics such as color and texture. By the beginning of puberty, the hairline is characterized by less spread on the forehead. For men, this is only going on for a few more years.

As men progress through their twentieth century, the hairline takes another mature form, which is slightly slim in temporary areas in front and elsewhere. This concave presence is not necessary to be equal to Balding before time because it is a question of degree.

The Norwood scale is an exceptionally valuable apparatus in creating hair development techniques since it enables you to set up your level of male pattern baldness, which is comprehended by specialists and other hair loss experts. More important than this, it can help your brain to set up comfortably and allows you to distinguish between normal hair loss, for which therapeutic action is not required and more for immediate action Extreme loss is not required.

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